25 | 09 | 2018

Our School

 Türi has provided school education for over 300 years. Türi Basic School was opened on September 1, 2011.


With its 530 pupils, the school is housed in two separate buildings: elementary school building (1924) and the main schoolhouse (1970).
In total, there are 31 sets of classes taught by 57 qualified teachers. The school caters for children with special needs by offering the services of a speech therapist, student counsellors, a psychologist, and a social instructor.
Türi Basic School participates in a project to promote healthy school approaches. It is also an ICT teaching and learning centre of the Tiger Leap Foundation.
The principles of a good beginning are emphasised in the first school level (Forms 1 - 4) through the methods of learning by doing and action learning. Türi Basic School frequently contributes to various children’s magazines. Beside national curriculum, the school offers courses in computer science, business management, rhythmic dances, creativity, and additional foreign language studies.
Our pupils are involved in several charitable projects both on the national and local level to promote responsible and proactive attitudes among young people and the general public. Also, many learners are keenly engaged in our school’s student movement TORE.
Türi Basic School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities including dedicated subject and interest groups. The student representation has its say in organising everyday school-life. There are many ongoing projects such as inviting celebrity lecturers, arranging quizzes and contests between classes, and organising thematic weeks of various school subjects. The school keeps record of the events on the blog.
In Türi Basic School, our teaching objectives are based on the needs of a child, school’s type, and the development plan of the school in line with the expectations of the community, school staff, parents and the pupils alike, using available human and capital resources effectively.